Media: There are no projects at all for project filing. The concept of blockchain has been harvested.

According to the interface report, the blockchain information service project filing was interpreted by the industry as a signal for the development of the blockchain industry. After the announcement of the information, many of the concept stocks "glued chain" rose, and some did not have a record project at all, the stock price has been a continuous daily limit. Such as accurate information, Royal Bank shares, Shangyin Global has appeared six consecutive daily limit, easy to see shares, Anne shares, Chen Xin Technology, Xin Yada and other stocks have also appeared continuous daily limit, the signs of hot money speculation. Industry veterans said that the blockchain is welcoming important news of the case. The rise of concept stocks is a normal performance of the market. It reflects that investors have higher recognition of the blockchain and have confidence in the development of the industry. At the same time, it is necessary to see a considerable part. The company's blockchain layout is still at the conceptual level, and there is still a bubble, and there is no irrational capital speculation.