Data show: Bitcoin computing power has risen day after day, close to historical highs

According to Tokenview data, as of 10:00 today, Bitcoin's total network computing power is 60.21 EH/s, mining difficulty is 6.7 T; Ethereum's total network computing power is 174.7 TH/s, mining difficulty is 2.14 P; Litecoin The calculation power is 354.34 TH/s and the mining difficulty is 12.54 M. Affected by the rise in the price of the currency, the bitcoin computing power has been rising in recent days, close to the highest point in history. At present, there are 5462 unrecognized transactions in Bitcoin. The median transaction fee is 0.00027 BTC; Ethereum has not confirmed 2,271 transactions, and the median transaction fee is 0.0004043 ETH.