Market analysis: the market actually has to rely on false news to rise

As of 8:00 today, in the OKEx Bitcoin contract elite account, the long-term average position ratio was 14.64%, and the short-selling average position ratio was 24.53%. The short position was dominant and the gap between long and short positions began to decrease. In the Ethereum contract elite account, the long-term average position ratio was 18.77%, and the short-selling average position ratio was 16.00%. The bullish dominant position and the gap between long and short positions began to increase. The current total number of BTC contract positions is about 53,800 BTC, and the positions are down compared with yesterday; the total number of positions in the ETH contract is about 779,400 ETH, and the positions are down from yesterday.

Yesterday, the two leading franchises of BNB and BTC joined forces to trigger a rapid decline in the market. Later, due to the impact of the unexpected incident, BSV experienced a wave of crazy rise, leading the market to stabilize and rebound, but confirmed that the news of BSV was false news. Primitive Ventures founding partner Wan Hui issued a tweet saying that it seems that someone deliberately did this only an hour ago before the BSV surge (concealing false news), which is completely false news, but "sufficiently true" to deceive many Chinese Retail investors, some deliberately concocted the founder of BSV, O'Brien Craig Wright was confirmed to be the news of Nakamoto.


BTC was supported near $8,450, and then the line went up one wave. The 5 antennas still kept up. At present, they have already stood at $8,600. If they break through $8,800, they will pull another wave. The target is at $9200-9300. If we break $8,600, we believe that BTC will explore the support of $8,350-8,450.


ETH also followed the market out of the V-shaped form, the target was supported at 260 US dollars, and then rebounded, but the current rebound did not hit a new high, indicating that the market wait-and-see mood is strong, the fake news can not lead the market to attack, still put around 260 US dollars An ideal point to judge the strength and weakness, standing above 260 US dollars, we are more concerned about the maintenance trend of the target, the pressure near 280 US dollars is relatively strong, the next target is around 300 US dollars, if you fall below 260 US dollars Lighten up, there is a $245 support below.


The trend of XRP has always been different from other targets. It is always so different. The target does not follow the market out of deep V, but continues to operate at its own pace. Currently, it is still on top of 5 antennas, and the moving average system is long. The macd indicator shows the shape of the duck opening mouth. The trend is much. We think that the target will go a decent market, but we see that the supply of the target has been increasing, which is extremely adverse effect on the rebound. The target is at 0.5. Near the dollar, effectively fell below 5 antennas to leave.


BCH is also affected by the influence of BSV. The previous target price is 506 US dollars, and the transaction volume is slightly smaller. We judge that the target may fluctuate upwards, or it is necessary to fail the target of the target. If the target falls below 5 Antenna, macd indicator again dead fork need to reduce the position to deal with, fell below $425 to wait and see.


EOS today has a large Yangxian line, the moving averages are long, the strong features are obvious, the macd indicator is diverging upwards, and the 5 antennas are moving up quickly. We believe that the next target of the target is around $9, but the premise is that it cannot fall 5 antennas. If we lose 5 antennas, we think we need to reduce the position and respond to it. If we fall below 7.3 dollars, we can leave.


The trend of LTC is similar to that of EOS or there is a big Yangxian line. At present, the target is close to 5 antennas. The bulls may launch the upside again at any time with 5 antennas. The next target is around 128 US dollars, and the defense is effective, effectively falling below 5 antennas. Then you can moderately reduce the position to deal with the next step back, and break below the $110 to wait and see.


BNB's pull-up did not prevent the 5-antenna head from going down, nor did it stand back to the key point of $34.5. If it can't be quickly pulled up today, the 5-antenna head will be turned up, then the 5 antennas will be dead-fork 10 antennas tomorrow. The macd indicator will also be dead at the same time. These factors are extremely beneficial to the bearish pressure. We think that the target is still going to cover the long shadow line of yesterday, unless it is pulled up again to make the 5 antennas form a duck mouth.

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