Chen Weixing: The concept of blockchain consensus has been distorted into a "price" consensus

On May 30, Pancheng Capital Chen Weixing said on his Sina Weibo that the blockchain consensus was originally a technical concept, which refers to the mathematical process in which the accounting nodes controlled by different people agree on the state of the book. And this concept has been distorted into a "price" consensus. The essence of this logic is that the winner in the natural law is king, only the result is not the process, not the contractual spirit of civil society and procedural justice. As far as asset prices are concerned, we have to reach a consensus on “valuation model” and “anti-fraud consensus” before we have a fair competitive environment and reach a fair price. Subsequently, it added that retail investors are naturally not concerned about right and wrong, only concerned about whether they can make money; in the early days of financial markets, most of the participants were aiming to make money by unscrupulous means; only those who really want to use technology to improve the world Talents want to create a more equitable financial market; so whether the blockchain financial market is progressing is whether it can really use blockchain technology.