BM: Practicality is key EOS will provide more practical features

At noon today, BM appeared in the telegraph group to discuss with the community members. Here are the main points: 1. Many major improvements in eosio will be seen next year; 2. Community question: Will you make an important speech at the official event on June 1st? BM: Yes; 3. Since ETH and Bitshare went live, I have completed the development of bts 1.0, 2.0 and Steem 1.0 and eos 1.0. I can guarantee that Steem 2.0, eos 2.0, eos 3.0 and bts 3.0 are likely to be Released before eth 2.0. 4.ETH is like Litecoin, and its value is largely decoupled from its usefulness. EOS has more practical features, but the price of EOS is largely decoupled from its usability. Practicality is key, and eosio will continue to offer more useful features. 5. Community Question: Who do you appreciate in the encryption industry? BM: V God is very smart; 6. This is what I know, it is feasible to migrate EOSIO based on DPOS mechanism to POW-based mechanism, and it will provide higher TPS and practicability than ETH.