Economic Daily Review: A number of listed companies were questioned for "chain-related"

On May 30th, the Economic Daily reported that “a number of listed companies have received regulatory letters for blockchain business in recent days”, and many listed companies issued announcements in the first half of last year that they would enter the blockchain. As a result, business progress has not been much, and a number of “chain-related” listed companies have ushered in a round of stock price increases. However, the rise is fast and fast. Soon after, the stock prices of a number of companies rushed back, leaving a chicken feather. Therefore, it is not unreasonable for the exchange to be cautious about the “blockchain”. On the whole, the supervisory department's inquiries about the blockchain are mainly focused on the operating income of blockchain technology and its impact on the main business. Judging from the response situation, most listed companies are still in the initial stage of exploration, lack of corresponding application scenarios, and have not generated operating income, which has great uncertainty on the company's performance. Therefore, investors should be cautious about the so-called "chain-related" concept, do not be fooled.