Director of the Planning and Marketing Bureau of the Japan Financial Services Agency: Bitcoin is over-speculative, and should be cautiously judged by the encrypted asset ETF

According to Coinpost, on May 30th, Japanese Senate member Fujiwara Kenji questioned the Financial Affairs Agency: "The United States believes that it cannot lag behind other countries in the crypto assets ETF, so how does the Japan Financial Services Agency consider it?" Director Mitsui said: "Although I have received multiple applications from the US SEC, I do not comment on the judgment of overseas authorities. Some people think that bitcoins and other public chains are not the same as stocks, and their fair value is zero. It is pointed out that the price only fluctuates greatly through supply and demand. From the background of the bill review, more and more people think that Bitcoin has excessive speculative attributes. Therefore, it is necessary to be cautious and judge from all aspects. “Although some people pointed out that Bitcoin only fluctuated greatly due to supply and demand, ETFs have the advantage of lowering prices and stabilizing prices. As the market expands, institutional investors can easily participate.