Crazy BSV, and the logic behind it

First, crazy BSV

Recently, the market of BSV has gone crazy, the price has doubled in 16 hours, and it has risen by 300% in 10 days. With the price of BSV rising, various segments of the Internet have begun to fly.

One is a story of 5 million:

A buddy used 100 times as a BSV, and went from halfway to chasing and making leverage, earning 1 million with 500 RMB. Then backhand short, at most the profit is close to 10 million, but return to zero in the last minute. . .

One is the story of true and false Nakamoto:

When Ao Ben Cong tried to prove himself to Nakamoto Satoshi through various means, the reaction in the group: "Oh? It will blow, there is a skill to dry the private key." When Ao Ben Cong does not say a word At the time, the reaction in the group: "Ao Ben Cong really is Nakamoto Satoshi!"

Today we don't discuss whether Oban is really Nakamoto. This is not a problem we should pay attention to. We are concerned that BSV still has investment opportunities? Is there any logic behind the rise of BSV? What can we learn from?

The first question, is BSV still an investment opportunity? To be honest, I don't know. I don't know much about BSV. I have seen many grand plans of CSW. I don't understand much about the text. There are too many grand and complicated concepts. I don't know if I can land. I Personally think that landing is very difficult.

The first law of investment: do not know not to vote. BSV I really don't understand, so I won't vote, even if it rises in the future, it will rise to the sky, and the increase will exceed BTC. It has nothing to do with me, I believe.

But with the rise of the BSV, we can indeed learn something.

In the same year, Oban was known to intend to fight, and the result was rubbed by the BCH side's computing power. Later, he did not know how to offend the currency. As a result, he was removed from the currency in one second. The CSW mouth was unobstructed and offended. The entire currency circle makes both the media and the major ecological parties very hostile to CSW, making it seem that everyone does not have any investment value, it is a coin that waits for zero.

The trend of BSV in the past time has indeed confirmed this point. The price has been falling all the way, as if going straight to zero, but when everyone thought that it was going all the way to zero, it suddenly turned salty fish.

In fact, not only BSV, there are many small-currency species in the past that have had such a "bizarre" experience. LTC and Ruibo were the same in the past, but the bizarre was not down, but rising. When the price rises to a certain level, it has exceeded everyone's expectations, not only exceeded expectations, but even surpassed everyone's most daring imagination. Even the founders felt too crazy and cleared their positions.

But even if the founders clearance can't stop their prices from flying all the way, why do these unbelievable things happen in the currency circle? What are the reasons behind all these things?

Li Xiaolai mentioned in the "recording door": "(Ripple) from the beginning, stupid project, unimaginable stupid project, the core team is gone, and then several co-founders are so light Suddenly one day there was a fool, who is this stupid? The most powerful investment bank on the planet is called Softbank. Softbank is so stupid to see a circle, and his mother didn’t understand it. Let’s say we started supporting Ripple. It’s going up. So if you’re right, if you’re right, just the examples I’ve just mentioned, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, you can’t explain it.”

There are still some air coins, which are almost going to be zero. It is also a sudden entry of a certain fund, and various 500-person conference lines are opened everywhere. Various online WeChat groups are hot, and then the price is 10 times 100 times. Towards the rise.

Second, maverick

Speaking of this, on the one hand reminds me of Li Xiaolai's "stupid consensus", but also reminds me of his other classic saying – maverick and correct.

The value of correctness itself is not great. What is truly valuable is maverick and correct. Only when you are different from others, your correctness is valuable.

For example, although everyone is not optimistic about BSV, what if BSV really becomes? This value is great, and many BSV holders think so.

In the currency circle, Li Xiaolai’s view goes even further. It is not only independent and correct, but also valuable . Sometimes it is independent and wrong .

In other words, you don't have to be valuable. You just have to be different from others. Different is value in itself.

This is because the currency circle is different from other investment projects in that the currency circle pays attention to consensus, and the maverick and unconventional things are the most likely to attract consensus.

Once you start to talk about consensus, no one will tell you the right or wrong. Right and wrong suddenly become indifferent . The story, slogan, and marketing begin to take over the whole picture .

Third, consensus and intrinsic value

The currency circle pays attention to consensus. Traditional financial projects pay attention to intrinsic value; consensus is virtual, and intrinsic value is relatively realistic.

Then why do the currency circles not talk about intrinsic value and talk about consensus? On the one hand, because some currencies belong to the currency category, the currency itself must rely on consensus and cannot be valued. On the other hand, the main reason is that the currency circle has no concept of intrinsic value at all . It does not mean that the project has no intrinsic value, but has no concept of intrinsic value, or that the connotation of the concept of intrinsic value has changed.

Traditional value investment, intrinsic value has a theoretically very complete calculation method. In short, it is the sum of cash flows generated in the future, but the definition of the currency circle is invalid because there is no cash flow in the currency circle. Even if the relative valuation method is used, the fluctuation of the price of the currency item is too large, and the nature of the listed currencies varies greatly and cannot be analogized.

The lack of the concept of intrinsic value has made the concept of consensus popular. For a very blockchain project, the consensus has exceeded the intrinsic value and become the most important thing , but the matter itself is not scientific.

The meaning of consensus means that as long as there is a topic, there is traffic, some people pay attention, there is consensus, and it is valuable to some people. In this case, you only need to be responsible for creating more topics and attracting more traffic. This is the logic behind the crazy BSV .

This is not a normal logic. This logic is somewhat similar to CX. It doesn't last long, but this logic does exist and can be seen in many currencies. There are many projects that you can't understand. This is the set behind.

To solve these problems, on the one hand, we need the involvement of the regulatory authorities, set standards for various project financing, and let the whole industry begin to standardize. Standardization is very important. The beginning of standardization means the return of the concept of intrinsic value . In addition, the blockchain industry itself needs to conduct theoretical exploration to explore the new connotation and valuation logic of the intrinsic value of the blockchain project.

Author: Monte Carlo