Data shows: ETH/EOS Github code submission activity is several times higher than other public network infrastructure platforms

According to the RatingToken data, the top-ranking public-chain platforms of the market capitalization are: ETH, EOS, TRON, IOTA, and NEO. The total number of GitHub code submissions of ETH and EOS on the 7th was 543 times and 459 times respectively, which was much higher than other public-chain infrastructures monitored (TRON, 28 times; IOTA, 198 times; NEO 16 times); from the 7th and 30th ETH is also ranked first in terms of the number of people involved in the public chain code submission. RatingToken analysts believe that the current public chain is still in the early stage and needs to be upgraded and improved. The number of GitHub code submissions and the number of participants contributing to the code submission can more effectively reflect the overall development progress and developer support.