Meet San Francisco in August, the second in 2019 than the original global developer contest

More than 500 years ago, in the 15th century, a multi-sail fast sailing sailed into the Atlantic Ocean. Numerous seafarers like Columbus started the era of great voyages. Although they did not know what they were going to face, what they would find. However, facing the unknown but fearless, they have created the great geography of our later generations.

Science and technology is the original force of the third industrial revolution. Developers, in the world of networks, numbers, and code, are playing the role of explorers like Columbus. Developers are discoverers of the New World in the tech world. They rely on the line-by-line code of the keyboard to expand the boundaries of the old world, plant the seeds of civilization, and discover the treasures that change the world. In May, during the blockchain cycle in New York, the new star of the original chain CEO announced that the 2019 than the original global developer contest will be held in San Francisco in August. At present, the applicants and development teams from Taiwan, Zambia, Venezuela, India, the United States and other regions and countries have received applications for registration.

As an important part of the original global developer community, the second-ever than the original chain development competition is still open to innovative developers around the world, and for the first time placed the host in the confluence of the world's top developers San Francisco Silicon Valley provides the best innovation practice platform for outstanding developers. At the same time, it hopes to attract more outstanding developers to participate in the global development community than the original chain.

Compared with the original chain in the original chain global developer contest held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang last November, it has attracted the attention of developers from all over the world, and became the first large blockchain technology development event in China, attracting from the United States and South Korea. In Europe, China and other places, nearly 100 developers participated in the competition. In the end, 16 teams entered the finals and divided the prize of 2 million BTM. The participating teams have developed a number of projects such as decentralized digital asset flashing platform, sewage management asset system, automobile data management platform and blockchain browser.

In this competition, we have prepared a generous bonus than the original chain to encourage the world's outstanding developers and development teams to participate. The competition has one first prize, two second prizes and three third prizes, of which the first prize will receive up to 30,000 US dollars in BTM. At the same time, excellent projects will also be supported by a number of open source communities, media, exposure support, and incubation, technical support, etc., to help the commercialization of the blockchain.

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Competition official website:

Competition schedule

Registration time: May 14 – August 2

Primary election time: August 3rd – August 7th

Final road show and selection: August 24th

prize settings

First prize: BTM equivalent of 30,000 USD

2nd prize: 2 million BTM equivalent

3rd prize: 3 BMX equivalent BTM

A number of finalists: BTM equivalent of $3,000

Entry requirements

The competition is divided into individual/team competitions and commercial competitions. There are some different requirements for these two competition methods.

Individual/team entry :

The code needs to be open source and the team does not exceed 5 people.

Business entry :

You don't need code open source, but you need a better product experience. If you have already run online, you will have a big bonus.

Specific requirements

1. Complete the work independently without any cheating, fraud, or infringement of other people's intellectual property rights. If there is a violation, cancel the qualifications and the results of the competition;

2. The work must be developed based on the Bytom Eco or Bytom Smart Contract;

3. After the application has been registered and reviewed by the organizing committee, it needs to be further developed and improved;

4. Before the finals, the entries can be improved, but the theme of the works cannot be changed;

5. The work must be submitted in a prescribed form, and works that do not conform to the regulations will be directly eliminated;

7. Each person can only participate in one participating team and cannot repeat the competition;

8. The organizer of the contest and the members of the judges shall not sign up for the competition;

Review criteria

Blockchain value :

1. Must be based on a link to the original chain or a smart contract;

2. Fully reflect the value and advantages of blockchain technology;

3. The application of blockchain technology is sufficiently irreplaceable;

Technical realization :

1. The code design is reasonable and the function design is perfect;

2. Stable operation, guaranteed efficiency and quality;

3. Have sufficient safety protection design;

Business value :

1. The work has excellent commercial value;

2. It can be commercialized and has good market benefits;

Application ideas :

1. The work is more creative and innovative than the mature program of the industry;

2. Better product performance than industry mature solutions;

product design:

1. The interaction design is reasonable;

2. The user is easy to understand and easy to use;

3. Excellent user experience;

Submission of works

It is recommended to use the following code hosting platforms to submit your work:





Recommended reward

If an overseas team is recommended to submit a successful submission and participate in the final selection by the organizing committee, you can get a BTM bonus of $500. If the referral team is successful in the finals, you will be awarded a BTM equivalent of $500.