The data shows: Bitfinex is now selling a large number of BSVs to stage a shock for 13 seconds.

According to TokenGazer data analysis, in the short 13 seconds of today's US time 8:02:06 to 19 seconds, the Bitfinex exchange highlighted a total of 21,730.97 BSV intensive selling. During this period, the purchase order was only two orders, accumulating With a volume of 3,200, the price of BSV dropped from $234.22 to $44.77. During the price-falling decline, the volume was almost evenly distributed. After the BSV price quickly rose back to $232, there was a total of 707 BSVs. Exploratory slaps, but quickly digested by the market. TokenGazer judges that this is a direct market action in the Bitfinex exchange, and it is also a short-term BSV long-short matchup. In the current fierce battle, there is a big risk in retail transactions. For detailed analysis, please pay attention to TokenGazer's official website. dynamic.