1confirmation founder: bearish BNB, unless DEX is successful, and the currency is transformed into a decentralized organization

Nick Tomaino, founder of blockchain investment fund 1confirmation, questioned the investment value of Binance Coin (BNB). "Looking at the cryptocurrency will be a defeat, but if I have to look at a cryptocurrency now, it is Binance Coin." Nick Tomaino believes that the competitive advantage of the currency is the regulatory arbitrage, the currency provides the lowest KYC Requirements and trading restrictions, actively adding new currencies, starting from 0 in less than two years, gaining nearly 40% market share; but its product design is very bad, user interface and user experience is better than other centralized exchanges To be bad. Nick Tomaino suggested that if the currency needs to maintain its current market share, it needs to increase the import of legal currency and attract institutional investors; in addition, if the currency can succeed in decentralized exchanges, and successfully transform into a decentralized organization Perhaps this kind of bearish view of oneself is wrong.