ChainNode live room 丨 Bitmax CEO Cao Jing: 99% of the currency circle has no cash flow, the traditional model does not work for digital currency valuation

On the evening of May 30, Dr. Cao Jing, founder and CEO of Exchange, said that 99% of the projects in the currency circle have no cash flow, so it is difficult to use the traditional model to value the project. It is difficult to say How much is the value of these coins? Especially for small currencies, its value is not clear, the market has no consensus on its currency price, and its price volatility is particularly high. Except for Bitcoin, Bitcoin is a collection of multiple functions of commodities and stored value products, and the market has a consensus on it. “In my opinion, a large part of the altcoin has no value. After 2-3 years, it will be banned by new coins. A few new coins will grow up.” Live link: