Analysis: BTC surges or a series of virtuous cycles of bitcoin “whales” intentionally entering the market at the same time

According to "Business Insider" report, for the recent increase of Bitcoin to 5,000 US dollars, data company TokenAnalyst analysis, it is the bitcoin "whale" intends to enter the market at the same time, become the catalyst for the subsequent thousands of small accounts to trade. This led to a surge in bitcoin prices this week. The company's co-founder Sid Shekhar said that we have been tracking these trends recently and have noticed some anomalies. A few huge whale funds are flowing, and then flow smoothly from the whale wallet to multiple exchanges, followed by a series of small accounts. Shekhar said that in the past few months, these "whales" have been accumulating bitcoin, and after accumulating enough bitcoin reserves, they have also flowed into multiple exchanges such as Coin and BitMex.