Foreign media: ETC team may delay Atlantis hard fork

The ETC open source team failed to reach an agreement on the ETC network upgrade (Altantis) during the May 30 conference call. Further discussion is still needed, which is equivalent to returning to the draft submission stage. Developers have been considering integrating 10 proposals into the agreement since February, and the network upgrade (hard fork) is called Atlantis. According to reports, some developers are hesitant to include an improvement proposal EIP170 in the Altantis upgrade. EIP 170 proposes to set a fixed upper limit on the size of the smart contract code for a single transaction. Developer Anthony Lusardi has since said that these rules are only applied to transaction verification, not block verification, which becomes a soft fork rather than a hard fork. MikO, a member of the Ethereum classic community, believes that this change is not necessarily a hard fork. The developer has not made any decision on the schedule or content of the Atlantis upgrade during the conference call.