Rumors: Billionaires want to buy 25% of all Bitcoin through a broker

Forbes magazine contributor Billy Bambrough said Eleesa Dadiani, founder of cryptocurrency broker Dadiani Syndicate and founder of Mayfair Dadiani Fine Arts in London, once said that a customer found us and said they had Interested in buying 25% of all currently available Bitcoin. There are many entities that want to dominate the market. It is reported that this will be 4.5 million of the approximately 17 million bitcoins that have been mined. However, 10.5 million bitcoins have not moved within a year, so buying 25% is very difficult. Dadiani claims that her company has been instructed to “search in the market and be as close as possible to 25%”. Foreign media is seeking further confirmation from Eleesa Dadiani, but has not yet received a reply.