Beijing News: Dadu River bitcoin mine floods, lack of supervision

According to media reports, many bitcoin mines are hidden in hydropower stations in the Dadu River Basin in Kangding, Ganzi, Sichuan. In order to purchase electricity from nearby power stations, these “mines” factories did not have EIA, were not reported to be built, and were suspected of illegal construction. Some factories were even built on river banks. Kangding City Land and Resources Bureau said that starting from May 27, a multi-department working group in Kangding City has been working on the mining of Bitcoin on the Dadu River, and then cleaned up the violations. The “three no” mines are clearly banned according to law. In fact, according to the Kangding City Economic and Trade Bureau, Ganzi Prefecture does not allow Bitcoin mining, and they have not yet received the filing of related projects. However, just under the eyes of the local regulatory authorities, the “Three No” mines have blossomed everywhere. Behind this is the fall of regulation.