BM question community likes -1% negative interest rate or 1% inflation

In the morning, BM appeared in the telegraph group and the community members had a heated discussion. The following is an important summary: 1. We are constantly strengthening the team and improving EOSIO day and night; 2. Do you prefer a negative rate of -1% or 1%? Inflation? Perhaps the more tax-friendly way to encourage collateral is to impose negative interest rates on non-collateralization; for this, some community members replied: "I thought mathematics could reveal something, but it didn't. These two ways look The result is the same. The benefits of any deflation are gone, because the assets you hold are also shrinking.” BM replied: “The mortgage generates interest, but it also generates taxes, and negative interest rates do not generate any taxes.” 3 Community question: "The ryzen chipset for PCIe 4.0 standard interface ssd drive, read and write speeds up to 5GB / s, do they support BP to read ram resources fast enough?" BM said: "We are doing testing The current problem is latency, not throughput." Subsequent BM sent a tweet that our team is currently undergoing a stress test of nodeos (node ​​operating system). When the EOS 320 million random transactions account, TPS can be maintained at more than thousands, EOSIO expansion underway.