North Korean hackers send phishing emails to users of the Korean exchange UpBit

According to CoinDesk, North Korean hackers recently used phishing techniques to attack users of the Korean exchange UpBit. According to data released by security company East Security, the hacker sent phishing emails to UpBit users for cyber attacks on May 28. The content of the email for UpBit requires more information to pay for the fictitious lottery of the customer. The message is not from the server of UpBit, but from another server that contains a file that claims to contain the payment document. East Security claims that running this file shows something that looks like a normal document, but then runs malicious code. It then sends the data about the user's computer along with the private key and login information to the hacker, which then connects the computer to the command and control system for remote access. East Security believes that the cyberattack came from Kim Soo-ki, a North Korean hacker.