Bitcoin mining difficulty has been adjusted to 7.46 T

According to Tokenview data, as of 10:00 today, Bitcoin's total network computing power is 54.06 EH/s, mining difficulty is 7.46 T; Ethereum's total network computing power is 171.51 TH/s, mining difficulty is 2.08 P; Litecoin The calculation power is 375.58 TH/s and the mining difficulty is 12.65 M. The difficulty of bitcoin mining has been raised to 7.46 T, up 11.34% from the previous one. At present, there are 7244 unrecognized transactions in Bitcoin. The median transaction fee is 0.00304019 BTC; Ethereum has not confirmed 18,604 transactions, and the median transaction fee is 0.000420 ETH.