Security company: Cosmos SDK security vulnerability or only affects undo mortgage logic

On May 31, in response to the “Severe Security Vulnerabilities in the Cosmos SDK”, Beosin Chengdu Chain Analysis analyzed that “the github of cosmos-sdk has updated the 0.34.6 version code, and the preliminary analysis of the update code indicates that the main impact of this update. Undelgate logic, the original un-mortgage logic will be based on the validator status of the validator. When status==Unbonded, it will directly return the mortgage funds. There is no need to wait for the redemption time. After the code is updated, it will be canceled when the block height is 482100. Logic, there will be redemption time for the cancellation of the mortgage operation; for the current analysis, this loophole should only affect the cancellation of the mortgage logic, resulting in the possibility of redemption of the mortgage funds in advance, whether there are other hazards, we are still further analysis."