The world's first digital blockchain robe is priced at $9,500

According to Forbes, recently, at the Ethereal Summit in New York, a digital blockchain robes called "Iridescence" were purchased at a bid price of $9,500. This virtual robes was created by the Dutch digital fashion pioneer entrepreneurial team The Fabricant, German artists, Instagram's hottest AR filter designer Jaskowska and Dapper Labs. According to the report, since this robes belong to a blockchain digital asset, this virtual robes is both a piece of clothing and a cryptocurrency. It cannot be copied or stolen. You can think of this digital fashion robes as a long-term investment. In order to promote this digital robe, Johanna Jaskowska himself acted as a model and personally “try on it”. The so-called "try-on" is actually the buyer's personal photo provided to the creative team within 28 days, and then the creative team specially tailors the digital robes according to the shape of the buyer's body. It is reported that the $9,500 paid by the buyer will be donated to the charity.