The first blockchain membership card issued in Hangzhou

The third national science and technology workers had just passed. On May 31, members of the Zhejiang Digital Economics Association received a unique "digital ID card" – blockchain membership card. The Zhejiang Digital Economics Association became the first organization to produce and issue membership certificates using blockchain technology.

Certificate example

The certificate shows the member's name, the academic position, the certificate number, and the issuing authority. The information is synchronously registered on the blockchain with a unique block ID and timestamp. The blockchain membership card makes full use of the characteristics of the blockchain technology to achieve traceability, verifiability and non-tampering of the basic information of the members. The timestamp on the chain permanently records this moment, which can be described as "the block is always permanent, and the card is passed on forever."

The membership certificate of Zhejiang Digital Economics Association was carried out by Babbitt, a member of the Society, and adopted the original chain technology developed by Babbitt. Ba Lei CEO, Director of the Blockchain Committee of the Digital Economics Association of Zhejiang Province, Wang Lei introduced that the choice of blockchain is a deep effort. Like cloud computing, there are Huawei Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, and blockchain. Multiple types, different blockchain performance and cost are different. It is a mature POW-based public chain than the original chain blockchain. Through its tool BYSTACK, one-click uplink of information can be realized. The body of the BYSTACK chain needs to undergo the necessary audits to ensure the legal compliance of the main body of the chain.

After the information is chained, the query result needs to go to the BLOCKMETA browser and enter the information ID of the uplink. This time, Babbitt will convert the learning ID into a two-dimensional code through technical means. Users only need to scan the QR code on the certificate to query the information on the chain.

Winding information query result

At the inaugural meeting of the Zhejiang Digital Economics Association held on May 12th, the Zhejiang Digital Economics Association made full use of digital tools to achieve a paperless election. This member information is on the chain, it can be said that the digital economy is "armed to the teeth." Zhang Feng, vice president and secretary-general of the society, said that the membership certificate is not only for the purpose of depositing anti-counterfeiting, but also for the purpose of promoting the application of the blockchain, even if it is only a small attempt.

Source: Zhejiang Digital Economics Association