84 Cosmos certifiers complete SDK patch upgrade, IRISnet will support node upgrade this afternoon

On May 31, the Cosmos team said it found a serious security vulnerability in the Cosmos SDK. It has been released in the Cosmos SDK 0.34.6 release and will provide technical details in 7-10 business days. At 4 am Beijing time, the Cosmos China Certifier Community issued an emergency upgrade announcement and organized an upgrade plan to coordinate the certifier node. As of 12:19 Beijing time, 84 certifiers have completed the upgrade. IRISnet, which is also a cross-chain ecosystem of Cosmos, is expected to release the corresponding upgrade version of irishub 0.14.1 before 13 o'clock today, and coordinate support for each node to upgrade at 15 o'clock. According to the Cosmos and IRISnet team, this upgrade will not affect user asset security.