"Black Paper for the Blockchain of Ping An District" was launched today, and the implementation of blockchain application in 14 scenarios

On May 31, the "Black Paper of the Blockchain of Ping An District" was released in Beijing, and Babbitt reported on your scene. The white paper was co-authored by Ping An, a subsidiary of Ping An Group, in conjunction with International Data Corporation (IDC). Up to now, Ping An’s account has achieved the success of blockchain technology in 14 business scenarios including trade finance, asset securitization, supply chain finance and reinsurance. Among them, the three projects of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority using the blockchain to build an international trade financing network, the Tianjin Port using the blockchain verification pilot project and the small and medium-sized bank Internet Finance Alliance to establish the IFAB trade financing network are the most prominent. Babbitt is authorized to publish a white paper, the full text read link: https://www.chainnode.com/doc/3613