Ping An Account: Building a Blockchain Ecological Network Based on BNaaS

On May 31, the "Black Paper of the Blockchain of Ping An District" was released in Beijing, and Babbitt reported on your scene. The white paper was co-authored by Ping An, a subsidiary of Ping An Group, in conjunction with International Data Corporation (IDC). The white paper shows that the FiMAX team has built an open BNaaS ecosystem network. Unlike the traditional BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-Service) platform, which generates a chain and generates nodes by an account system, BNaaS (Blockchain-Network-as-a-Service) emphasizes multi-account system networking and introduces the BNaaS Market Place concept. Enable users to not only create and publish new blockchain networks, but also join existing commercial blockchain networks through MarketPlace. Wang Menghan, product manager and senior product director of Ping An Financial's account-chain block team, said that before we all said that the blockchain is a platform, in fact, we first proposed that the blockchain is a network, only when everyone puts all The participants are all linked to this network, and the benefits sharing and sharing can truly bring out the value of the blockchain. Babbitt is authorized to publish a white paper, the full text read link: