The Trusted Blockchain Promotion Plan Organization officially released the "White Paper on Public Chains" (with PPT Interpretation)

On May 28th, at the "2019 Global Blockchain Technology Development Forum (GBF) – Technology Innovation and Integration Session" forum, He Baohong, Director of the Institute of Cloud Computing and Big Data, China Information and Communication Research Institute, released a trusted block. The Public Chain White Paper prepared by the Chain Promotion Program. The purpose of the white paper is to clarify the origin, concept, characteristics and innovation value of the public chain, to analyze the current status and trends of the technology, application and governance of the global public chain, and to explore the challenges faced by the development of the public chain.

White paper abstract
The blockchain technology is derived from the Bitcoin system that was born in 2008. It uses a peer-to-peer network and a distributed timestamp server to collectively maintain and audit data to solve the “double flower” problem that plagues the electronic cash system. In the subsequent development process, the application of blockchain technology gradually expanded from the electronic cash field to other fields, experienced new differentiation and development, and emerged two development directions: public blockchain and Consortium Blockchain. .

A public chain is a blockchain that anyone can participate in, without permission, (Permissionless). Every Internet user can post, verify, and receive transactions on the public chain, and have the opportunity to participate in accounting. The public chain is not only a purely technical product, but its core features of “common, co-construction, co-governance and sharing” make it have the potential to provide general trust services on a global scale. Although the public chain is driven by technology, it may have a profound impact on the economic, financial, and social organization and governance, and is highly concerned by all walks of life around the world.

At present, the development of the public chain is still at an early stage, and the overall situation is that the technology is hot and the application is cold. The application of the global public chain is highly concentrated in the field of encrypted digital assets, and it has obvious head effect, due to the lack of a compliant identity system on the chain, insufficient protection of contractual privacy, and inconsistency with the existing legal system, and the real economy. The docking is still under investigation, and the "killer" application has not yet appeared. At the same time, however, the public chain provides a global testing ground for the technological innovation and development of the blockchain. Various technical routes are blooming, and the technical solutions for improving the scalability, interoperability, privacy and security of the blockchain are constantly Emerge.

White paper catalog
More exciting, please read the live speech PPT.
White paper download:

Source: China Information and Communication Research Institute CAICT

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