Do not take the usual path, HyperSnakes three major links released simultaneously

MixMarvel, the global blockchain game publishing platform, released another annual masterpiece at the end of May in the Ethereum, the wave field, and the main body of the main chain – HyperSnakes Snake, the first global multiplayer real-time competitive game in the chain, so big The scale of distribution is the first time in the blockchain industry. After the launch, the high quality of HyperSnakes also made it shine in the industry. The daily users exceeded 5,000, the maximum daily flow exceeded 200,000, the first week of running water nearly 1 million, and ranked first in the head DApp rankings game board, Ethereum And the wave field plate first, the body version responded enthusiastically. The original competitive income has been recognized by the community users. On the day of the service, there is a news that the player has accumulated a total of 4.98 ETH. This is a historical high that has never been seen before.