Development Challenge Competition | Quick and Easy Certificate – Decentralized Platform to Protect Intellectual Property


In 2018, the number of copyright registrations of Chinese works and computer software reached 2.35 million and 1.1 million, respectively, an increase of 17.48% and 48.22% respectively. According to the "2018 Global Innovation Index Report" issued by the World Intellectual Property Organization, China ranked 17th in the world and became the only middle-income economy to enter the top 20.

With the continuous expansion of Internet application scenarios and the exponential growth of information throughput, the judicial forensics of the Internet and the determination of various intellectual property rights in the network have become an urgent problem to be solved. In the commercial landing scene of the blockchain, many projects based on intellectual property protection have been seen.

In this project, which is registered to participate in the 2019 Global Development Competition, there are also many teams based on property rights protection scenarios. Among them, the service provided by the “Quick Easy”, which is currently being developed based on the original chain, is to protect intellectual property through the blockchain.

It is understood that as an open platform based on the original chain public chain, the target users are various original authors, law firm lawyers and so on. The original author platform can carry out blockchain chaining of its original works to ensure the copyright ownership of intellectual property. In the discovery of network infringement, the infringement evidence intercepted from the website is chained and applied for rights protection on the platform. The lawyers' group and the parties can deposit the evidence, and the review of the security and credibility of the blockchain platform is easier and more reliable.

The person in charge of the core development of the quick certificate said: "The existing blockchain intellectual property protection projects, many of which are based on the use of the alliance chain, the blockchain module is not completely transparent, and has not reached the decentralization. The project currently under development is based on the original chain public chain, a complete decentralized platform."

“In the process of project development and design, we have compared many blockchain white papers, design documents, and source code, including alliance chains and public chains. Most of them have problems with no complete products or no major promotion. Online data and document comparison Lack of more information and documentation resources than the original chain, in addition to support a wealth of smart contracts, can meet a variety of functional development, combined with UTXO and user modules, trading functions are also relatively easy to develop; Chain is also friendly to developers."

"We have completed the authorization transaction, the AI ​​artificial intelligence image recognition, and the IPFS distributed storage system based on the original asset than the original chain. At present, the project has completed the first phase of functional development, which can provide users with credibility. Evidence storage, evidence, evidence, rights protection and other functions." Speedy is currently short-listed than the original chain 2019 global development competition, the development team said that the next major work is to complete the second phase of the function and improve the security of the system.