Encryption community KOL discusses whether bitcoin is "cash" or "gold"

In this white paper, Nakamoto describes "Bitcoin as "electronic cash" in point-to-point." In this regard, Bitcoin Jesus Roger Ver agrees (although he believes that BCH is the cryptocurrency that realizes this vision). However, others in the community have different opinions about this and believe that Bitcoin is a value-storing tool similar to gold. ZeroBlock co-founder Dan HedlHedl said that Bitcoin is not a cheap PayPal payment method for buying coffee, and its birth is aimed at becoming Gold 2.0. ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees responded that Bitcoin was born to be a "peer-to-peer electronic cash", as described by Nakamoto in the white paper. However, it is no problem to say that it has become "Gold 2.0". Wall Street financial analyst and bitcoin supporter Max Keiser said: "Replace the 'cash' in the white paper with 'gold'. This is what semantics means in Nakamoto. This is what Rover Ver and others are confused about. Locally, they mistakenly think that the 'cash' in the white paper refers to the legal currency."