Venture capitalist James Altucher: Bitcoin prices are likely to reach $1 million by 2020

Entrepreneur and venture capitalist James Altucher said in an interview that by 2020, bitcoin prices could reach $1 million. Altucher's speculation is based on factors such as the rise in geopolitical instability in the world today and the increasing acceptance of Bitcoin by companies such as Whole Foods. Altucher said that his views from 2017 have not changed. He still believes that crypto assets solve many of the problems of fiat money – excessive inflation, privacy and counterfeit money caused by reckless currency printing are just a few of these issues. The real encryption assets provide some benefits based on the existing system, and the increase of its value is inevitable. In the long run, all cryptocurrencies that are safe, not fraudulent, will appreciate. Altucher said in an interview in 2017 that he believes that 95% of crypto assets are scams. The current collapse of these assets proves that his previous assertions are correct.