OK Xu Kun: The transaction volume hit a record high, and the cryptocurrency bull market can be expected

Babbitt reported that on June 1st, the Wright Coin Blockchain Technology Seminar was held in Wuhan. Xu Kun, vice president of OK Strategy, shared that the market expanded rapidly in 2017, and the market began to defoam in 2018, with a total market value of $813.8 billion. It fell to 100.9 billion US dollars, shrinking 87%. Since then, the market has slowly recovered, rising 1.72 times from the lowest point of the year. The transaction volume reached a record high of US$96.545 billion, which is higher than the peak of the previous bull market. In addition, the industry is gradually standardizing, the traditional institutions to accelerate the layout, the mainstream currency production expectations, the international political and economic forms of turmoil and other signals also indicate that the market is picking up, the bull market can be expected.