Secretary-General of the Litecoin Roundtable Forum PZ: The rise of Litecoin is a manifestation of greater consensus

Babbitt reported that on June 1st, the Wright Coin Blockchain Technology Seminar was held in Wuhan. At the forum on the impact of Wright's halving on the overall blockchain market, Xu Kun, vice president of OK Strategy, believed that the 2018 Litecoin The decline was 94%, and Bitcoin was only 80%. It was oversold in the mainstream currency. The Secretary-General of the Litecoin Roundtable Forum, PZ, said that Wright's features are not outstanding, but after eight years of testing, the security is very good. This round of rising is due to the fact that professional investors in 2018 as part of their asset allocation are a manifestation of greater consensus. The consensus can be decomposed into technology, security, stability, and demand. The CEO of COINBIG Exchange added that “there is a high degree of consensus and wide acceptance, then it is valuable.”