By robot "brushing"? EOS actually bullied Ethereum!

Two months ago, Bloomberg issued a message saying that Ethereum is losing its former glory.


On the one hand, as more and more public-chain platforms emerge, developers and investors have more choices;

On the other hand, Ethereum's market share in Dapp is gradually being eroded by rising stars such as EOS and TRON.

What is the truth? Is that true?

In April of this year, Forbes announced the list of the top 50 global blockchains , which is one of the most important releases of Forbes in the blockchain field in 2019. The list selected 50 companies with the strongest applications in blockchain technology, as well as entrepreneurial companies in the blockchain sector.

After looking at this list, you can find that the most mainstream development platforms used by these 50 giants are Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric, and two-thirds of the companies are using these two technologies. Among the 50 companies, 22 companies including Amazon, Microsoft and Google use the Ethereum platform to develop blockchain applications.


This shows that Ethereum is still the preferred blockchain development platform for developers , and unlike Bloomberg, many developers have flown to the EOS and TRON platforms.

In addition, the data on the StackOverflow website shows that the blockchain-related language that developers discuss the most is Solidity , and its frequency is even higher than the traditional development language JavaScript and Java. Even Python and Go can only rank 4th and 5th place.


This further illustrates that Ethereum is still the blockchain platform that developers are keen on and preferred.

What about the other side? Ethereum's market share in DApp is gradually being eroded by rising stars like EOS and TRON. On the surface, this is indeed the case.


Data from DAppTotal

As shown above, if you follow the 7-day user activity, in this top 10 DApp list, only one DApp comes from Ethereum, which is the 10th in the list, the recent hot HyperSnakes, this is a game. Class DApp.

In this way, Ethereum has indeed lost its position in the DApp field.

If so, the article is written here and it is over.

But what if there is fraudulent behavior in DApp data ? Perhaps it is necessary to re-evaluate the above statement.

To this end, the blockchain base camp (blockchain_camp) specifically contacted the DApp data analysis platform DAppTotal security researcher Li Wei, obtained the real data of the DApp in the whole network in May, and discussed the real situation of EOS, TRON and Ethereum DApp in detail, the facts It’s really amazing…

False DApp Prosperity

How do I get real DApp data? How to remove the so-called "zombies" and "robots"?

DAppTotal security researcher Li Wei said, "The DAppTotal team uses a combination of manual auditing and machine learning models to identify robotic data by extracting tens of dimensions of static dynamics such as creator, public key, behavioral attributes, and account affinity. Analyze the robot data." (About details, confidentiality, not disclosed…)

Take EOS as an example (the following list is ranked according to the number of monthly users), Endless Game is a lottery DApp, although it has the number one transaction and transaction volume, its real user percentage is only 11.54%, that is to say, Up to 88.46% of active users are robots or zombies!

In addition, DApps, including Lore Free, BingoBet, and ENBank, have fraudulent behaviors, all of which are below 35%. Among them, the percentage of real users of Lore Free and BingoBet is even less than 20%.


May EOS platform DApp data statistics

Let's take a look at the actual situation of the domestic public chain TRON. As can be seen from the table below, the DApp data fraud of PLAYFUN, Crazy Dogs Live, TronVegas and TronGo is equally shocking.

I can't believe that Crazy Dogs Live's real user ratio is as low as 0.54%!


May TRON platform DApp statistics

So what about Ethereum? Is there any fraud?

DAppTotal security researcher Li Wei said, “Because the current DApp in Ethereum is relatively cold, there is no statistical analysis of the fake amount. The fake amount on the Ethereum did occur in May last year – the shrimp field brushing, we used to Relevant information has also been released. But in October last year, EOS and TRON became hot on DApp, and the popularity of DApp in Ethereum dropped significantly. In addition, the consumption of Gas in Ethereum needed to consume Gas, which was higher . The reason we think that the cost of fraud in Ethereum is large, the problem may not be so serious ."

Draw, high-risk DApp is the mainstream?

After doing a fake analysis, take a look at the DApp properties.

As shown in the figure below, according to the 7-day user activity count, the DApps in the top 10 list of EOS and TRON are basically lottery and high-risk, which caters to the greedy nature of human nature. It is not surprising that the activity is high.


EOS 7-day user ranking (top 10)


TRON 7-day user ranking (top 10)

Are these lottery and high-risk even the gambling DApps in the original decentralization of Nakamoto?

If the blockchain technology is like this, what's the point?

In contrast, Ethereum, the main types of DApps are games, finance and exchanges, although the number of transactions and daily users are not as good as the first two, but it is much more comfortable.


Ethereum 7th user ranking (top 10)

Why do nearly half of the top 50 global blockchain companies choose Ethereum? Above, it goes without saying. The EOS main online line is about one year old. Is this the EOS that BM wants? Looking forward to BM's "big move" in June.

So, what reason do you have to give up Ethereum?

Data Sources:

DAppTotal, the world's leading DApp data service platform, focuses on providing independent, fair and trusted hot DApp application information and rankings, and comprehensive data mining and analysis to help DApp ecological health and stability.

Source | By robot "brushing"? EOS actually bullied Ethereum!

Author | George

Produced | Blockchain Base Camp (blockchain_camp)

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