The data shows that the Ponzi scheme brings more financial activities than most of the competition coins.

On May 30, LongHash issued a message saying that the data seems to indicate that the currency is a large part of Bitcoin and the broader crypto-asset economy. In terms of market capitalization (or some equivalent indicator), the three largest MLM currencies in Bitcoin history may exceed the vast majority of the competitive currencies listed on the market: Onecoin, Bitconnect and GainBitcoin . The scale of the three is much larger than most of the current competitive coins and ICO tokens on the market. When comparing the revenue generated by these Ponzi schemes with the market value of a series of competitors and tokens, Onecoin will be ranked 9th, BitConnect will be ranked 10th, and GainBitcoin will be ranked 32nd. Although GainBitcoin's ranking is relatively low, it is still ahead of well-known projects like BitTorrent, Decred and Augur. In fact, this type of comparison is likely to underestimate the financial impact of these three types of pyramid money, because the currency created by the promotion of a certain out of the air may cause its market value to be much higher than the income generated by such a pyramid.