Coin Security Institute: The number of payment settlement and operating system (public chain) projects still occupy the dominant position of blockchain entrepreneurship projects

On June 1st, the Institute of Credit Research said on Weibo that after investigating the industry trend of blockchain entrepreneurship projects in the top 500 token market values ​​in the past year, it was concluded that payment settlement and operating system (public chain) projects The number still dominates. In terms of project increments, data storage, stable currency, and performance optimization projects have the largest growth rate. The largest four sub-sectors account for more than 90% of the cryptocurrency market value, especially The payment settlement blockchain project represented by Bitcoin has further expanded its market share ratio in the past year. In addition, it can be found that the total market value of infrastructure projects has increased overall, while the market value of applied projects As the ratio declines, it can be seen that in the past year, investors' preferences have become more "realistic" and far from "conceptual" assets.