Xie Wei, General Manager of Loutou City SDIC: “Blockchain + Government Affairs” is conducive to meeting the excuses of leading cadres

Babbitt reported on the 1st, June 1st, the "2019 China Blockchain Technology and Application Summit Forum" hosted by the Chinese Computer Society (CCF) was held in Nanjing. In the "blockchain + government affairs" forum in the afternoon, Xie Wei, general manager of Loudi City State-owned Capital Investment and Operation Co., Ltd., used the real estate blockchain information sharing platform of Loudi City as an example to share the application of blockchain in the field of government affairs data. He said that one of the advantages of the platform is that the blockchain can ensure the clear responsibility of data recording, because in the government data, there is a duty-free requirement of leading cadres, such as a database of a certain department, which causes data errors due to years of migration. The director of the department could not explain the source of the error. He also summarized the unique advantages of blockchain in government applications: First, the unique sharing model is conducive to breaking through data islands and barriers; second, data integration is conducive to building a credible city, "strengthening the construction of credit system, and building the integrity of integrity" This is also advocated by Loudi City in recent years; the third is the cross-disciplinary optimization process, which greatly enhances the efficiency of government services and the sense of acquisition of ordinary people.