Yan Ting, founder and CEO of the public share: The biggest difficulty in the “government + blockchain” is the understanding and engineering of business logic.

Babbitt reported on the 1st, June 1st, the "2019 China Blockchain Technology and Application Summit Forum" hosted by the Chinese Computer Society (CCF) was held in Nanjing. At the "blockchain + government affairs" forum in the afternoon, Yan Ting, founder and CEO of Beijing Zhongxiangbit Technology Co., Ltd., said that the "government + blockchain" technology is not difficult, the biggest difficulty lies in the understanding of business logic and Engineering. At present, the competition among domestic blockchain peers is engineering competition, that is, the process from papers to code and code to software and software to products. He pointed out that "blockchain + government" has three major advantages: first, high efficiency, improve production efficiency, shorten business cycle and reduce maintenance costs; second, security, resist malicious attacks, prevent data tampering and multi-point redundancy backup; Supervision, clear responsibilities, transparent enforcement procedures and data controllable. Taking the government supervision platform as an example, a database of regulatory centers based on blockchains between regulatory alliances can be established, the query recovery cycle can be shortened, and a blockchain supervision data management platform can be established to ensure the authenticity and integrity of the data.