There were 9 hacking incidents in May, with a loss of more than 7 million yuan.

According to PeckShield situational awareness platform data, in the past month, there were 9 hacking incidents in the TRON/EOS ecosystem, with a total loss of more than 7 million yuan. Among them, the EOS ecosystem has two serious private key thefts, and the loss of more than 25,246 EOS; the hackers who attacked the Cryptopia exchange began to intensive money laundering this month. So far, 5,067 ETHs have flowed into the exchange. . PeckShield believes that due to the market's rising trend, the overall instability of the cryptocurrency market is also increasing, but the private key is stolen, and the security incidents such as code backdoors are directly related to the lack of security awareness of developers, which can be avoided. It is recommended that developers should do a known attack feature security test before the contract goes live.