Bitcoin's return in May exceeded S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, JPY/USD and oil

According to recent media reports, in a survey conducted in May, people noticed that Bitcoin had the highest rate of return compared to other financial products. After the BTC broke the $9000 mark, Bitcoin’s return exceeded 51%. Some analysts pointed out earlier that the yen/dollar is one of the best performing mainstream assets on the market, and even more than 3% of its return rate is dwarfed compared to bitcoin. Donald Trump threatened the United States to increase tariffs on US and Mexico and US-China trade, which also contributed to the growth of the yen. The news caused the Mexican peso to fall by 3%, while the yen/dollar rise caused the dollar to fall 0.8% against the yen. In addition, Bitcoin returns more than gold, S&P, Nasdaq 100 and even oil. In May, the return on gold was only 2%, while the return on S&P 500 and oil was negative, at -6% and -17%.