Ant blockchain Zhu Yongchun: Blockchain automates electricity bill settlement

Babbitt reported on the 2nd, on June 2nd, at the China Blockchain Technology and Application Summit Forum hosted by the China Computer Society (CCF), Zhu Yongchun, Senior Solution Architect of Ant Financial Blockchain Division, shared the ant block. Chain exploration in energy trading applications. Zhu Yongchun said that with the pilot construction and development of the power spot market, the dynamic adjustment of electricity prices and electric energy has become a future trend, and the power contract between power grid companies, power trading centers, power sales companies and power companies has become more complicated. Utilizing the technical capabilities of ant blockchains, combined with smart meters and other power equipment, it is expected to realize the intelligent use of electricity contracts, automatic settlement of electricity bills, and avoid the efficiency problems and potential disputes caused by manual processing.