Yan Wei, Technical Director of Ant Blockchain: Exploration of Core Technology in the Process of Blockchain Commercialization

On June 1st, at the 2019 China Blockchain Technology and Application Summit Forum, Yan Jin, the technical director of Block Chain, and the senior technical expert of the blockchain laboratory of Aridamo Institute, published the article “The commercialization of ant blockchains”. Keynote Speech in the Core Technology Exploration, focusing on how the ant blockchain solves the challenges of performance, distributed collaboration, and privacy security in the service entity industry.


New storage, breaking performance bottlenecks

Generally, TPS is regarded as a key indicator to determine the performance of blockchain. Consensus algorithm is considered to be the main means to improve TPS.

Yan Wei believes that in many alliance chain scenarios, because of the programmable digital assets, the logic of the contract is more complicated, so the bottleneck in many cases is not the consensus algorithm, but how the contract is executed efficiently. A very important bottleneck affecting contract execution is IO.

In order to break through the IO bottleneck, the ant blockchain has developed a new storage architecture. The advantages of this architecture are: first, an innovative data model that makes blockchain contract application development more natural; second, innovative storage structures and algorithms; third, a distributed storage architecture with horizontal and vertical scalability; and fourth, hot and cold Data stratification, storage costs are more optimized.

Cross-chain, breaking the barrier of distributed collaboration

Yan Wei pointed out that for single-chain scenarios, there is no problem in determining the rights, circulation, and services. But as more and more businesses, more and more partners, the chain will be more and more. How to avoid the formation of information islands between the new chain and the old chain, cross-chain distributed collaboration is particularly necessary.

Cross-chain technology is roughly divided into two types, one is based on sidechain technology, and the other is notary public technology. The notary public may be a trusted computing technology or a chain.

Ant blockchain 2

The ant blockchain adopts the second scheme, which is the cross-chain scheme of the notary. In order to solve the different results between different heterogeneous chains, the ant blockchain uses a protocol of cross-chain data structure, through which a relatively common interaction is achieved. At the same time, the ant blockchain has done cross-chain contract services, cross-chain contract APIs, cross-chain application development tools, and provides the actual scenarios.

TEE, enhance privacy security and performance

Privacy protection is challenging in the blockchain. The main performances are as follows: 1. Scope: protection of the whole life cycle of business collaboration; 2. Verification: verification of consensus on the chain; 3. General: flexible and universally scalable to meet the needs of complex models; 4. Performance: simultaneously satisfying high performance and low latency Business needs.

The ant blockchain uses hardware to solve the above contradictions.

Ant blockchain

As shown in the figure above, each machine has a Trusted Computing Environment (TEE), which can place the blockchain virtual machine inside, so that the transaction is encrypted into the environment for decryption operations. It is guaranteed that everyone has a node, but the verification transaction process is in the TEE, can not see, but can be verified.

The ant blockchain integrates new distributed storage, cross-chain, TEE and other technologies into the ant blockchain platform and provides services outward through the ant blockchain BaaS. The ant blockchain BaaS also supports services such as automated deployment and management, certificate and key management, business configuration, and development support.

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