Yang Chen, Director of Blockchain Products in Tencent: Four Mistakes in the Application of Blockchain

Babbitt's live report, on June 2nd, at the China Blockchain Technology and Application Summit Forum hosted by the China Computer Society (CCF), Yang Chen, director of blockchain products in Tencent, shared four points in the application of blockchain Misunderstanding: Misunderstanding one, the blockchain should be an all-around player. Myth 2: Fundamentalism is the blockchain. Misunderstanding three, short-term utilitarianism. Misunderstanding 4, technology is paramount, ignoring the essence of business. In this regard, Yang Chen quoted the experience of the predecessors: no matter the black cat and white cat, the black cat can catch the mouse; practice is the only criterion to test the truth; the blockchain is only technology, and the success of the application still needs to return to the commercial essence.