Former JP Morgan Chase trader Tone Vays: The biggest obstacle to cryptocurrency adoption is the error message

According to LongHash today, former Morgan Warner trader and cryptocurrency analyst Tone Vays said: I think that in the past two to three years, the adoption of cryptocurrency has not encountered real obstacles. In general, (obstacles) are people's understanding of why Bitcoin is useful in their lives, and most people just haven't seen it yet. For me, encryption has three basic characteristics: non-confusion, value transfer against censorship, and limited supply of gold. Most people currently have no demand for this, but as people have this demand, they will start to be interested in Bitcoin. I think the availability of Bitcoin can be improved, the wallet, friendliness, and interface needs to be better. The security of Bitcoin needs to be simpler and better. This will develop over time, but the biggest obstacle at present. Is the error message. As early as the beginning of 2014, I wrote an article saying that this situation has not changed, and now this situation is even worse. People go to to buy fake bitcoin (suspected that BCH), people believe that there is a better cryptocurrency than bitcoin, and when they prove to be wrong, these people are not interested in the ecosystem.