ChainNode Live Room 丨 Children's Day Special – After the Currency Circle 95: The blockchain we have chased over the years

At 8 o'clock tonight, Blitzcrypto founder Azhe, HELLO TOKEN founder Cai Wei, ChainPlus co-founder, polar bean capital partner Kong Qingxun guest in the ChainNode live room (formerly Babbitt live room). From the birth of 2009 to the madness of 2018, the blockchain is still a young industry. What kind of spark will it bring when young blood flows in? Are you ready to take on the heavy responsibility after the 95s? What confusion has it encountered on the road to starting a business alone? At 8:00 tonight, at the ChainNode live room, Xiao Yan will bring you the joy and suffering of a new generation of entrepreneurs. More information: