Package your fire AI smart mobile advertising mining machine road show first station opened at the Peace Hotel Shanghai Station

On June 2, 2019, in Shanghai, the first stop of the Fire Creation Roadshow was officially opened at the Shanghai Station Peace Hotel. The site included members of the Global Alumni Association of the Fire Coin University, members of the Fire Coin Private Board, industry media, and blockchain industry. Experts and others participated in this meeting. Bao Lixin, the CEO of your fire, gave a wonderful speech, which comprehensively expounded the ecological characteristics of your fire and the main features of your fire machine. According to the uniqueness of the mobile scene, the team will invest heavily in research and development. Based on the full market environment, combined with blockchain technology, sensor technology, face recognition, behavior recognition technology, etc., you will become the world's first AI smart. Mobile advertising mining machine. As a team member of the Fire Capital University and a core member of the Fire Coin Private Board, the fire team has truly practiced the “Energy Entity, Commercial Landing” of the School of Fire Coin University, at the Global Blockchain Empowerment Forum Shanghai Summit It was recognized and affirmed by field experts.