What happened to Babbitt’s short EOS conference? EOSIO2.0+YubiKey+Voice

On June 2, 2019, Block.one held a press conference in Washington, DC. The event attracted more than 300 industry leaders, developers, investors, media, community representatives, etc., and Babbitt was also invited to the site. Block.one has released three new products and one update. The three new products are: Coinbase Earn , an EOS education project launched in cooperation with Coinbase , and YubiKey , a hardware private key jointly launched with Yubico , and the highlight of this conference, the social media application Voice ; an update is EOS 2.0 . Introduced EOS-VM.


Education Project – Coinbase Earn

Coinbase Engineering Vice President and former CTO announced at the press conference that EOS will join Coinbase's "Coinbase Earn" learning platform to popularize EOS knowledge to the public. EOS courses will receive a maximum of $10 EOS. At the same time, Coinbase Custody will officially support EOS.


EOS 2.0 – EOS-VM speeds up 12 times

Block.one officially announced the launch of EOSIO 2.0 at the press conference.

In this update, EOS-VM will be officially introduced into EOS. EOS-VM is a new WebAssembly engine designed for blockchain smart contracts. Compared to EOSIO 1.0, EOS-VM will increase the speed of smart contracts by 12 times .


Block.one CTO Daniel Larimer releases EOS 2.0

At the same time, Block.one also announced that EOS 2.0 will also support Web Authentication (WebAuthn) . EOS 2.0 will be the first blockchain network to adopt the WebAuthn protocol. WebAuthn is a web standard published by the World Wide Web Consortium. WebAuthn is a core component of the FIDO2 project under the direction of the FIDO Alliance. The goal of the project is to standardize interfaces to authenticate users to Web-based applications and services using public key cryptography. There are several ways to support WebAuthn on the client side. Block.one CTO BM said that with the WebAuthn protocol, the security and ease of use of EOS applications will be improved.


Block.one CTO Daniel Larimer announces support for WebAuthn  

Hardware Security Private Key – YubiKey

Block.one also announced support for hardware security keys, accessing Yubikey's Yubikey in EOSIO 2 for a higher level of security and privacy. EOS users can use EOS YubiKey to sign chain transactions via WebAuthn , similar to the EOS browser plugin scatter.


Social product – VOICE

At the end of the conference, Block.one officially released the social product Voice based on the EOS blockchain.


BM said that Voice is based on EOS, but has its own token , Voice Token . Users create, share, discover and distribute content on Voice will receive Voice Token. Since Voice will operate on the EOSIO protocol, the interaction on Voice is open and transparent. All involved individuals, including users, content creators, and the platform itself are equal, and there are no hidden algorithms or opaque benefits. At the same time, Voice will ensure that users are real users, there will be no more problems with robots, etc. Users can register for Voice to get EOS account for free.

After the meeting, Babbitt interviewed Block.one CEO Brendan Blumer and later gave an interview.