BM: Chinese users can also use VOICE, complete VOICE real name can not be used for other DAPP

On June 3rd, BM responded to the KYC real name question about VOICE: 1. When you need to send a real message to the public, it will authorize you. A solution does not need to solve all the problems; 2. Once the key and social relationship identify you, anyone who relies on the public information database for identification will have problems due to poor security; 3. Identity is only the focus of relevant information. The government wants to use content related to its system for compliance purposes. Time and place with real identity – such as LinkedIn. There are also places where you can be anonymous. However, if you think that your wording and language model are anonymous, then you are fooling yourself; 4.99% think that you can keep online privacy, but it is actually an illusion; 5. Some community users worry about some of China's regulations Bad effect on VOICE, BM: This is an option for everyone, support all; 5.Voice token is UBI, users can get it every day; 6. Only B1 can see the user's KYC information, but because of supervision The problem, other DAPP still need to re-name when receiving the user who has completed the real name of VOICE.