China UnionPay Zhou Wei: Blockchain can promote the upgrading of information technology industry

On June 1st, at the 2019 China Blockchain Technology and Application Summit Forum, Zhou Yin, senior director of China UnionPay Electronic Payments Research Institute, shared the practice and thinking of China UnionPay in the application of blockchain, as indicated above, the main points of blockchain application For the three levels of tools, platforms, and infrastructure, these three levels are from easy to difficult, and applications are more or less. This also makes the blockchain divided into two development trends. First, as a supplement to the existing technology, ordinary IT technology, which is one of the solutions to solve the existing business pain points, may eventually become “awesome”. . In addition, a trend in the development of blockchain technology is to build a new “communication-based” new business network with equal collaboration, information sharing, and business autonomy as an infrastructure, and to innovate business models. “To this step, we can maximize the value of the blockchain and bring a higher level of value to the Internet.”