Litecoin has turned 5 times in half a year, halved, the beginning of a new story?

According to the setting of Litecoin, the first halving in August 2015, around August 7th, 2019 (block height 244220), the mining output will change from 25 to 12.5. By then, its annual inflation rate will drop from 8.6% to 4.3%. At present, many people concerned have expressed their views on the impact of the halving of Litecoin. The mainstream views are as follows: First, the reduction in production will change the market supply of Litecoin. Assuming that the growth rate of demand does not change, market speculation and FOM sentiment will increase demand. Once the growth rate of supply declines, the price will rise theoretically. Second, the positive has been cashed in advance. Looking at the halving in 2015, the market broke out three months ahead of schedule. Third, in 2015, the market is in a bear market and the market is more pessimistic. Four years later, public cognition and technological development have been completely different. The cryptocurrency has also ushered in the Mavericks, halving expectations and the future is expected. Fourth, how to get the Litecoin still depends on the bitcoin "face". The correlation of digital currencies is getting stronger and stronger. For more exciting clicks: